Our solution

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to mobility challenges

Our commitments

For a sustainable transition

For mobilidée, innovating and acting for the common good, by having a positive impact on its environment, is at the very foundation of its business culture. This commitment is reflected, on a daily basis, in the advice dispensed by its teams and in the various modes of transport that its staff use to get around.


The goal: to encourage the adoption of practices that are environmentally friendly, social, responsible and sustainable. mobilidée’s accession to the Chambre de l’économie sociale et solidaire – Après-GE [Chamber of Social and Collective Economy] in 2012 attests to this same desire.


For mobilidée, the safety and well-being of its staff trumps all other considerations. In this context, we offer a bonus upon the birth of a child, 100% coverage of maternity leave, two weeks of paternity leave, 720 days insured in case of long-term illness and private insurance against accidents. We have also chosen Nest, a pension fund that uses ethical and environmentally friendly practices.


Our management of human resources is based on one clear principle: fairness. This applies whether we’re talking about the way we treat people, or personal and professional development. At our company, we provide transparency as regards the pay scale and maintain a maximum pay gap, so that no-one is paid more than 3 times less than the highest salary. We also offer our staff a huge amount of flexibility with their work, thanks to the options of remote working and part-time working for all.


As a responsible business that seeks to provide training to its staff, we allocate a specific budget each year to continuous training and facilitate the adapting of working hours accordingly. We also encourage the practice of professional reintegration.


Conscious of the impact we have on the environment, we seek to optimize our use of resources and our travel, so as to improve our carbon footprint. Moreover, the electricity we consume is 100% environmentally friendly and local, and we offer a mobility plan for everyone.

Certifications and labels

B Corp

Recognised for its positive impact, mobilidée is the first Swiss company in its field to have obtained, in August 2019, B Corp certification, one of the most exacting international standards when it comes to societal, environmental and governance obligations. This label also serves as a guarantee of the high level of transparency that the business maintains internally for its staff, and externally for the public.

Label 1+ pour tous

Providing recognition for the qualities of a responsible employer in public and financial entities in the canton of Geneva, the label 1+ for all was assigned to mobilidée in 2012. This label places a duty on the business to favour – between candidates with equal competencies – people living in Geneva and registered with the Cantonal Employment Office (OCE) for contracts of indeterminate duration (CDI).