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Simple and efficient, active mobility is something that can be experienced in a wide range of ways. To get a clearer idea of exactly what we mean, come and try out our alternatives to motorized vehicles at our showroom. Scooters, electric bikes, cargo bikes, but also parking solutions and accessories: we have selected the very best in this field for you.

You can also get advice from our team of cycling specialists on how to set up mobility solutions in your business or your organisation.


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Responses that will meet your needs thanks to recommendations from our eco-mobility experts


A space in which to test the products and equipment made by a range of specialist manufacturers


Turnkey solutions that will encourage quick and effective implementation

Bikes and scooters

  • Electric bikes
  • Cargo bikes
  • Fold-up bikes
  • Electricity-assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs)
  • Special bikes (road bike category)
  • Electric scooters

Parking, maintenance
and storage

  • Vertical or horizontal parking or multi-level parking
  • Electrical charging points
  • Repairs and tyre inflation points
  • Cleaning stations
  • Storage lockers (with optional charging)


  • Master locks for a fleet of shared bikes
  • Waterproof apparel
  • Helmets

Turnkey solutions

In addition to consultations, we are also happy to offer a whole range of services and solutions to help meet your needs:

  • Sale or rental of
    fleets of
    electric bikes
  • Delivery by bike
  • Company excursions
  • Bicycle-taxis
  • On-site repair and
    maintenance service
  • Refresher lessons