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Assess your organisation's carbon footprint through surveys and data collection.
CO₂ monitoring
Create regular or occasional teams.
Promote greater sustainability through changes in your employees' travel habits.
Encouraging multimodality
Manage your parking spaces, access to them and invoicing with a single tool.
Encourage sustainable mobility by promoting good practice.
Make it easy to share resources - desks, lockers, vehicles, shuttles, etc.
Pooling of company assets

Discover the full potential of fairmove

Based on over 20 years of research, innovation and experience, fairmove is a technological solution that offers a pragmatic response to the management of mobility in companies and organisations. Designed around the principle of fairness and taking into account the specific needs of its user community, it is available in a mobile version (iOS, Android) or as a web platform.

Make parking a breeze

Whatever the number of parking spaces at your disposal, fairmove enables you to manage them, optimize their use and distribute them fairly on the basis of objective criteria.

Make carsharing easier

Unlock the potential for carsharing within your establishment by giving your staff the means to make arrangements, choose their team or book a journey, whether as a one-off thing or on a regular basis.

Encourage travel on multiple modes of transport

Help your staff to use alternative means of transport by putting your incentivization measures for smooth mobility straight on fairmove (mobility budget, vouchers, subsidies, subscriptions, etc.).

Share spaces and tools efficiently

Flexibility is now part of our everyday routine. Including at the workplace. Thanks to fairmove, your employees can book spaces (offices, rooms, etc.), equipment and material resources (lockers, vehicles, shuttles, etc.).

Assess your environmental impact

By surveying users and leveraging data from across the fairmove ecosystem, you can determine your organisation’s carbon impact through the tracking of key indicators.

Encourage and value good practice

Engage your employees with games, challenges and incentives to promote multimodality while at the same time collecting useful data to organise your mobility.

For smooth, efficient management

With fairmove, you take control of an integrated ecosystem that enables you to effectively steer your organisation’s mobility strategy by centralising data and promoting responsible travel management internally. With tailor-made configuration, development options, unlimited support for administrators and access to all features via a single subscription, our technology platform is designed to give you control and peace of mind when managing your mobility.

An intuitive user interface

The management platform can be customised to suit your needs, giving fairmove’s administrators full control over all functions.

An overarching vision

As an integrated ecosystem, fairmove optimises the centralisation and automation of mobility management.

Secure data

fairmove meets the highest standards of data protection.

Minimal investment

You don’t need to install anything complicated or costly in order to benefit from all that the platform has to offer.

Maximum compatibility

fairmove fits seamlessly into your software and hardware environment, enabling direct dialogue with many market applications.


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They trust us

Our mobility solutions are intended for absolutely everyone. For small, medium and large businesses but also for associations, organisations, and city or cantonal administrations.

“We decided to use fairmove as a mobility tool for our employees: it makes it easier to manage their transportation and provides us with a simple and effective way to manage the benefits associated with mobility.”

Xavier Tissières
HR Director, International Olympic Committee

“fairmove enables us to manage our parking intelligently, not just thanks to its features, which meet specific needs, but also thanks to a dynamic team which manages to make the tool evolve by following market trends.”

Sylvie Girard
Mobility referent, Losinger Marazzi

“With fairmove, we found a partner that enables us to offer a simple monitoring solution to our customers, without them having to use a different platform. This means that our management and monitoring of parking areas complement one another perfectly.”

Sacha Simonovic
Head of sector, Securitas

Centralise and manage all aspects of your mobility with a single tool

Develop happy mobility within your company thanks to our tools for organising journeys and managing car parks.

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