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We support the development of competencies in the fields of mobility

Training, in its own right, can be a catalyst for change too. That’s why specialists from mobilidée carry out assignments within businesses, organisations, but also at specialist training centres such as SANU, to share their knowledge in the field of mobility.

Whether it’s following a request, a commission or in collaboration with institutions, we develop dedicated courses, full curricula, but also modules aimed at raising awareness on various subjects and issues associated with mobility.

Mobility management training in collaboration with SANU

mobilidée has put in place a cycle of 4 training modules in mobility management in collaboration with SANU future learning, the training centre operated by the sustainable development foundation SANU durabilitas.

This training course – Switzerland’s first course dedicated to mobility management – is aimed specifically at diagnostics, at internal managers and at ways of improving the mobility project by taking inspiration from the latest practices in the field. The curriculum also offers access to expertise and professional tools.