A passionate team concerned about the challenges of tomorrow's mobility.

Joséphine Aubry

As a public transport user, never goes out without her general subscription pass.

George Bersier

As a seasoned pedestrian and a public transport user, has won the 10,000 step challenge several times.

Sandra Brazzini

A proponent of multimodal transport, finds it particularly easy to navigate the currents of public transport networks.

Sékou Cissé

For , it’s the bike in any weather conditions, as long as you are well equipped.

Zoé Dardel

Owner of 4 bikes, has been an expert of the train-ride nap since 2008.

Hervé Dubois

Whether it’s raining, the wind is blowing or snow is falling, never goes out without his bike.

Caroline Gawlas

Fan of walking on a daily basis (except when it's raining), rides a bicycle on sunny days.

Michalis Giannakopoulos Rochat

is ready to stop immediately to answer your fairpark questions, even if it’s not on the way to work.

Giorgio Giovannini

As a confirmed user of new forms of mobility, can’t stop himself from trying the new solutions.

Emilie Guibert

Whether by bike or Vietnamese basket boat, is a real proponent of multimodal transport!

Massimo Massera

With his electric bike, goes by as fast as a lightning bolt.

Nataniel Mendoza

When he is not on his bike, actively seeks solutions to your mobility problems. Don't criticize his maps, he's sensitive !

Alessandro Perina

When he’s not being a well-organized hitchhiker, car-pools or takes public transport along with his folding bike.

Antonin Sautron

Carpooler at heart, is convinced that mobility must be shared: The more the merrier!

Louis-Philippe Tessier

, the "Zero-Waste, plant-based cyclist ".