A passionate team concerned about the challenges of tomorrow's mobility.

Joséphine Aubry

As a public transport user, never goes out without her general subscription pass.

George Bersier

As a seasoned pedestrian and a public transport user, has won the 10,000 step challenge several times.

Sandra Brazzini

A proponent of multimodal transport, finds it particularly easy to navigate the currents of public transport networks.

Sékou Cissé

For , it’s the bike in any weather conditions, as long as you are well equipped.

Hervé Dubois

Whether it’s raining, the wind is blowing or snow is falling, never goes out without his bike.

Maëlys Dubois

The best means of transport for is the one she can really lean on: her legs. These boots are made for walkin'!

Chloé Duval

cycles when it's sunny outside, but rides the bus/tram when the weather turns sour!

Alexander Federau

Bikes in the city, folds it in the train, the case is in the bag for !

Caroline Gawlas

Fan of walking on a daily basis (except when it's raining), rides a bicycle on sunny days.

Michalis Giannakopoulos Rochat

is ready to stop immediately to answer your fairpark questions, even if it’s not on the way to work.

Giorgio Giovannini

As a confirmed user of new forms of mobility, can’t stop himself from trying the new solutions.

Laura Jordan

Even if she's loaded like a mule, always chooses her favorite mode of transportation: the bicycle!

Massimo Massera

With his electric bike, goes by as fast as a lightning bolt.

Alessandro Perina

When he’s not being a well-organized hitchhiker, car-pools or takes public transport along with his folding bike.

Inès Ratsimalahelo

For , the best means of transportation is her legs, whether it's by foot, on a bike or longboard!

Pascal Reichen

loves to walk on daily basis, but his thing is to test all means of transportation, even the most unusual ones!

Julien Renggli

The bicycle according to : "A small pedal stroke for people, a giant leap for humanity!"

Daniela Rodriguez

Whether it's for her daily commute or to travel around Europe, always relies on public transportation! Her favorite? The train!

Antonin Sautron

Carpooler at heart, is convinced that mobility must be shared: The more the merrier!

Louis-Philippe Tessier

, the "Zero-Waste, plant-based cyclist ".