Mobility and networking for businesses

Networking for businesses is of vital importance in an inter-company mobility plan. Sharing efforts makes it possible to optimize management and measures in the field of mobility.

The mobility plan of La Vuarpillière, a joint project

The inter-company mobility plan for the industrial zone of La Vuarpillière (Nyon, VD) has existed since 2014. It brings fifteen companies together around a joint project to improve accessibility to the site, by reducing the use of personal motorized transport and the sharing of sustainable mobility solutions.

In this mobility plan, the companies work in partnership with the city of Nyon, the Region of Nyon and the State of Vaud. The mobilidée agency has been accompanying them in this approach. Joint efforts are thus being taken to guarantee sustainable accessibility at the site. Indeed, while the measures in a mobility plan are mainly based on the competence of the employers, they are supplemented by the actions of the authorities in terms of coordinated landscaping of the territory and of public transport, and management of public parking.

Networking of companies

In this mobility plan, mobilidée organizes meetings between the partners twice a year. These make it possible, on the one hand, to develop direct and privileged communication between employers (and their staff) and with the authorities.

The meetings represent an opportunity for the companies to exchange information about their experiences in managing mobility. Each participant can therefore talk about their own particular situation, the difficulties they face, the methods used and the feedback on them. The meeting is an opportunity for the participants to share their good practices. Seeking advice and support among one’s peers can often prove to be inspiring when it comes to finding the best mobility solutions.

Note that these meetings also allow involving the smallest companies in the region in matters of mobility. Indeed, an inter-company mobility plan makes it possible to open out the approach thanks to the sharing of analyses and solutions in order to save resources.

Companies that are invested in the approach

In La Vuarpillière, several inter-company measures have been put in place to raise awareness and accompany the change in approach.
The new system for managing communal parking allows for equal treatment of employees.  The internal management of parking is conducted in accordance with sustainable mobility criteria, giving priority to people with reduced mobility, employees with little or no alternative to public transport and drivers in carpool schemes.

To encourage carpooling, a mobility hub (Centrale mobilité) is available to employees, so they can get in touch with potential car-sharers. To promote this means of transport in a playful way, we organize a carsharing challenge once a year. Throughout the company, employers encourage carpooling internally by communicating information about this solution when hiring staff, by proposing teams, adapting the hours, etc.

Moreover, self-managed shuttle-buses are available, upon registration. These offer an additional mobility solution on routes with little or no public transport provision.

Mobilidée is also putting campaigns in place to promote soft mobility – experimenting with electric bikes – and public transport has been put to use.

A mobility plan also requires significant and repeated efforts aimed at providing information, communication and awareness. To achieve this, mobilidée provides regular communication via the website, communication media, newsletters or information stands.

Nonetheless, all these activities do not replace the policy and the measures deployed by each company internally. There are indeed complementary measures.

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