Eco-mobility at the heart of the eco-district of Les Cherpines

In the context of the planning of this future eco-district, the urban planning department tasked mobilidée with studying and planning the eco-mobility concept which could be applied there in order to meet the goal of 0.6 parking spaces per 100m2 area. The future eco-district of Les Cherpines, located within reach of the communes of Confignon and Plan-les-Ouates, will have 3900 residences (9000 inhabitants) with 2200 parking spaces on an area of 58ha.

First of all, mobilidée carried out benchmarking of various eco-districts in Switzerland and the rest of Europe that are the same size, or have similar characteristics, to that of Les Cherpines. The solutions put in place were studied, along with their degree of success.

In a 2nd phase, and based on the results of this 1st study, a global mobility concept was proposed, including a wide range of solutions.

In order to satisfy the various needs and customs of the future population, it is vital to think in global terms. The mobility concept imagined therefore included:

Measures to promote eco-mobility

Service-related measures:

Regulatory measures:

Communication measures:

Finally, in a 3rd stage, the feasibility and financing of these measures were analyzed. Innovative solutions involving the sharing of costs among residents, property developers, communes and individuals were found. An implementation timetable throughout the construction of the eco-district (from 2019 to 2031) was drawn up in order to finalize the proposal.

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