Creating a carsharing service

The CODHA is an active residential cooperative in Switzerland’s Romande region. Its founding values are sharing and the protection of the environment. In the context of its efforts to reduce dependency on the car, the cooperative tasked Mobilidée with helping it put in place a carsharing solution designed for its members.

The project includes:

Creation of a carsharing service: the preparatory phase

The study contained an initial phase aimed at establishing needs. This included an accessibility study of the new district and a survey that was offered to new residents. These made it possible to establish the dimensions for the system and to determine the functions and modes of use of the future carsharing service.

The survey and the meetings with a panel of residents made it possible to define the primary characteristics of the system, as imagined by the users:

Implementation of the Codhality

Following the study, Mobilidée accompanied the CODHA in the implementation of the system, with:

The choice of vehicles concerned new vehicles, meaning that it was possible to provide a maintenance, repairs and cleaning contract.

The carsharing system will make it possible to reserve cars with ease via a web-based application, and to unlock them using a smartphone or RFID cards. Each user will be able to track the number of kilometers covered and monitor their consumption.

For the manager, the system makes it possible to have an overview of the fleet and, through the analytical tools, to define the needs and future size of the fleet.

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